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Client stories

Hear directly from my clients, telling you their own personal stories on how their transformations have affected them. 

I've now been trained by Tom or the last six months and I've definately seen the improvements. I was one of the people who would go to the gym and do the same routine and exercises every time and saw minimal improvements. But Tom has taught me loads of different exercises and programmes and show that I've been doing the techniques wrong this whole time. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone, especially those who want to up their gym game and not only become bigger and stronger, but understand why and how certain exercises are done. 


Excellent PT - I train with Tom three times a week. I feel Tom provides the right approach to motivation and is very knowledgable. Most importantly training is fun and is making the impact I wanted.


My aim in the gym was to build on my core strength and improve my cardiovascular activities. Tom was a great support in showing me new techniques and exercises with lots of equipment which I had not used before.

He made sessions fun and made me keen to push myself to great strengths whereas I had previously grown tired and bored of routine exercises. Tom has a great personality and gave me the confidence I was lacking to improve myself. He taught me to take my time and go at my own pace and to breathe and enjoy each session. 

I feel confident now in myself and I will continue to see Tom regularly for my training and also the nutritional advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed his sessions and would advise anyone lacking in confidence to go and see him. 

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J Kemp
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I had never used a gym nor had personal training before, but after meeting Tom at an induction session at my local gym in ChichesterI thought it might be worth trying. 

Tom is very knowledgable and will tailor his training sessions to your exact needs. My aim was to build my overall strength and fitness levels, but as an added bonus within a few months I had dropped two dress sizes. 

I am continuing my one-to-one personal training with Tom and have also signed up for his Boot Camp circuit training. 

Highly recommend him to anybody who wants to get fitter, get stronger, or wants to tone up and feel better about their body. 


5 stars!

I can't fault him. He'll assess you and work with you to create a plan, diet and such. In the gym or out of it, Tom will continuously work you. He is always positive, even when I was on the verge of exhaustion. We took five and then carried on. The results were worth it!


I joined the gym after a decades absence. The equipment was all new to me and I did not have a clue as to how to use most of it, even after the gym induction. I am retired and just wanted to tone up muscles and lose a bit of weight: nothing to strenuous!

Fortunately, I found Tom who devised a bespoke routine for me and patiently showed me how to use each piece of apparatus on a 1:1 basis. He is a friendly chap who delievered exactly what I wanted. I would thoroughly recommend him.


Last summer Tom came to. my house and gave me some fantastic exercise workouts in my garden. It was so refreshing to be outside and certainly made exercising more rewarding. He has always pushed me to my limited and used many techniques with lots of equipments I'd never used before such as battle ropes, slam balls and weights.

My strength has improved dramatically and also my stamina. I would highly recommend Tom for training no matter what your goal may be, he is a real motivator and I can't wait for the spring to arrive so we can get back to training. 


Tom is a practical, knowledgeable and motivating personal trainer. 

He really understands physiology and so can tailor exercises to specific muscles and needs. He has helped me recover strength and flexibility after knee problems (torn meniscus) and helped me manage tension in my shoulders and back. 

I feel fitter and more flexible as a result of the work I do with Tom.  

He is great to work with face to face in the gym, outside or online.


I generally do not do reviews, but this review is an exception.  At the end of May, I decided to re-energize my experience of going to the gym or attending an exercise class having become lazy over the past two years, especially since September 2017.  I would think of any excuse to avoid going to the gym or attending an exercise class – basically, fell out of love in doing any form of exercise, something that I had previously enjoyed.

I had been toying with the idea of booking a PT session for some time but shied away from giving a PT taster session ago.  So, early June I decided book 6, one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer at Westgate - Chichester.  Westgate have a number of Personal Trainers to choose from, but for whatever reason, my first 6 PT sessions were booked with Tom Groom.

My experience of PT sessions with Tom has exceeded my expectations, but not in a way that I initially thought.

I did not know what to expect from a PT session, I thought that a session would involve some cardio, i.e. running like mad on the treadmill, doing lots of sit ups, holding the plank for endless minutes, or doing countless reps on various pieces of gym equipment or free weights until exhausted and drenched in sweat.

But that was not the case, my initial 6 week PT training with Tom has been about form and mindset.

For example, for my first session with Tom, the very first thing he asked me to do was pick up his water bottle from the floor.  What has picking up a water bottle got to do with exercise I thought?  Form, is the answer.  I learnt over the next 6 weeks in order to get the best out of your gym or exercise session you need to think about your form.  The act of thinking about how to bend down and pick up a water bottle from the floor, has now been burnt in to the back of my mind, because Tom wanted me to use the correct form for the task.  That simple task has been at the core of everything else that I have learnt.  With form goes mindset. 

As part of my PT sessions journey with Tom, not only have we worked on form, but Tom has also worked on mindset.  I have learnt that when you find that those last extra reps a little difficult, your mind and body will start looking for shortcuts, which in turn means that you start to lose form.  A timeout of a few seconds to reset your mindset, then helps correct form, which then enables you to get the best out of those last few reps and ultimately the best out of your workout. 

Tom’s style of training is relaxed, informative, and fun.  But don’t be fooled by his easy going approach, you will be challenged.

I enjoyed my initial PT sessions so much that I subsequently booked a further 12 weeks, which so far I have immensely enjoyed. 

Not only has Tom’s PT sessions made me enjoy going to the gym or attending an exercise class once again, his mantra of form and mindset have helped in getting the best out of going to the gym or attending an exercise class, and there has been the added bonus of losing some weight as well – 35lbs in 12 weeks.  But although the weight loss has been a bonus, the real bonus has been getting enjoyment of exercising once again, the wellbeing and mindset benefits that exercise brings.

I would strongly recommend in taking the plunge and trying a PT session, to help you revaluate your exercise regime. 

I would unreservedly and whole heartily recommend Tom Groom as your PT instructor – no disrespect to the other personal trainers at Westgate, who are no doubt equally as good.  I am even going to try one of Tom’s six week classes at Westgate as well – if it is anything like the taster session, it will be challenging.

So my thanks to Tom, and the journey that we have been on for the past few months, highly, highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.  Well worth the money.

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